Industrial Manufacturing’s experience and offering to the Food & Beverage industries has enabled us to be one of the foremost providers of parts and service to the Southeast’s manufacturing base.  We pride ourselves in the level of service we can provide our customers- as well as keep their operations running.


Shipping Speed

No shipping issues, no customs issues, no lengthy lead times regarding parts orders. Just fast, personalized response times and support from the initial order throughout the entire product life cycle.

24/7 Technical Support

No waiting time for technical support. Get instant response from our 24-hour emergency support experts, a knowledgeable team that is at your disposal and ready to act on your time and your schedule. Get a single contact for design, manufacturing, and aftermarket support – available when and where you need our support – not one contact for manufacturing, one for design, and one for support.

Design/Engineering Support

Local support and extensive design experience for your peace of mind with one throat to choke for the entire life of your equipment. Includes design, manufacturing, and aftermarket support/maintenance for customized mechanical, pneumatic, drives, and hydraulic projects – right next to you!

Manufacturing Support

Efficient manufacturing process with emphasis on quality.  High range of products and services that we can tackle with a high level of precision.

Parts Support/Stocking

If there is one common factor among our diverse customer base, it is the importance of keeping your operations running and at peak performance. Our parts and service packages are engineered and manufactured with this importance in mind by providing the part you need at your specifications and delivering that part when you need it.

Local Presence/Regional Assistance

Industrial Manufacturing has the range of services and equipment to meet virtually any of your needs for parts, design/build projects, or emergency services. Parts can be supplied per your expectations, and our design work will meet your exacting standards.